99.99% Availability

Availability is as high as 99%, no need to worry about the disconnection of ip proxy, slow network speed and worry

200+ Countries, 48000+ Cities

Covering 200+ countries, islands, CIS. Covers 4w+ cities, and can specify continent/city to extract IP.

10000w+ Overseas Residential IP

Overseas Residential IPs from real P2P networks and real distribution by operators in various countries, first-hand resources, fast and pure.

High Purity, High Anonymity Overseas Residential IP

Residential IP has a higher weight than data center IP and is suitable for projects with high IP requirements.

We have a global residential IP pool of more than 9000w+. The IP assigned by the residential IP proxy is the real IP of the real device. When you send a search request, it will be sent to the resource server through your residential proxy. In this way, your real IP is hidden, and the target website will see your IP as a normal normal IP.

Trusted by a large number of enterprises and institutions

Socks5 is trusted by global universities and research institutions, governments and small and medium-sized enterprises, including Fortune 500, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises. They use the efficient, reliable and flexible solutions provided by BrightData to unlock the web and retrieve and collect public data for research monitoring and analysis to drive better decision-making.